The pedicle graft procedure has some important benefits:

  • Only one surgical site
  • The flap retains its blood vessels, which can speed healing
  • Good coverage of receding gums

These benefits are only available to people who are good candidates for pedicle graft.

Is a Pedicle Graft Right For You?

As we noted above, a pedicle graft is not right for everyone with receding gums. It has a number of important restrictions.

First, you have to be a good candidate for a gum graft. This means that you have to have good oral and general health. You shouldn’t be taking medications that can interfere with the healing of your gums. And you should be committed to gum health in the future.

In addition, you have to meet the following criteria:

  • Adequate gum tissue near the receding gums
  • Just have one or two teeth that need coverage
  • Long, narrow gum recession is best
  • Little to no root damage

The most important requirement for lateral gum graft is that you have adequate gum tissue nearby. If you don’t have enough gum tissue, the procedure won’t adequately cover the receding gums or might cause receding gums at the donor site. The best sites for coverage with a pedicle graft are those that are long and narrow and only affect one or two teeth.

The roots also have to be in good shape to support the new gum tissue. This means they have to be secure in the bone, and there must be adequate bone at the site of recession.

The Pedicle Graft Procedure

In a pedicle graft, the tooth root at the recipient site is treated to help the graft connect to the tooth. Then incisions are made at the recipient site to prepare it for the graft.

At the donor site, the flap is cut mostly free, but the attachment is retained. The size and shape of the flap depend on your surgeon’s technique, how much tissue you have available, and the size and shape of the receding area to be covered. The flap is rotated around to the recipient site. Then it is secured at the recipient site with sutures.

If you have additional questions about the pedicle graft procedure or to learn whether it’s right for you, please contact Dr. Nicolas Ravon in Beverly Hills today.