The Cost of Quality Dental Care

Dr. Nicolas Ravon is dedicated to providing only the highest-quality dental care. We will never cut corners simply in the name of delivering a nominal product at a lower price. The cost of dental care we offer is proportional to the quality of materials we use, the expertise of our dentists and team, and the care and attention we give to each of our patients to ensure that a procedure is done right to deliver optimal results.

We do not doubt that you can get dental care cheaper elsewhere, but you cannot get the dental care we offer cheaper.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance will often help make your dental care more affordable. Purely cosmetic dentistry procedures are not covered by insurance, but many dental procedures have both cosmetic and health-related purposes, so cosmetic dentistry is often partially covered by dental insurance.

In addition, some procedures, like periodontal care, may have most of their cost covered by insurance. Depending on your insurance, this may or may not include gum grafting procedures for receding gums.

We have extensive experience working with dental insurance companies and we can help you understand your dental coverage. We can file claims with your insurance company based on the terms of your coverage. When we file an insurance claim, we might only ask for your estimated co-payment at the time of treatment.

Dental Financing

If insurance does not cover your procedure or does not cover enough of the cost to make your procedure affordable, we work with financing companies that can help you stretch your budget to fit the cost of treatment. Whether you need as little as $200 or as much as $50,000, we offer options for you.


CareCredit is one of the most popular solutions people turn to when they are unable to afford the cost of dental care. CareCredit is a special credit card that you can only use for healthcare, including dental care, beauty, and wellness expenses.

Unlike your normal credit card, though, CareCredit offers interest-free repayment plans for up to 24 months depending on the amount you spend. If you prefer, you can arrange for a longer payment period—up to 60 months—with a moderate APR of 14.9%.

Lending Club

Lending Club is a similar financing plan, but because it is more restrictive in its scope and more strict in its approval terms, the interest rates are much better. With similar options for interest-free loans, Lending Club offers fixed monthly payment plans with an APR of 7.99%.

If you would like to learn more about your payment options at Nicolas A. Ravon DDS MSD in Beverly Hills, please call (310) 275-5325 or email us today for an appointment.