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Are you looking to remove stains that make your smile look old and unhealthy? Teeth bleaching is a great way to remove tooth stains, and KöR Teeth Whitening is the best teeth bleaching system available. Some stains are in the surface of the enamel, while others are embedded deeper. Most teeth bleaching systems only remove surface-level stains, but KöR Whitening is designed to penetrate deeply into your teeth to remove the deeply embedded stains. And it’s designed to cause less sensitivity than other teeth whitening.

If you are looking for great teeth whitening that can give permanent results with less sensitivity, KöR Whitening is the right choice for you. To get KöR Whitening in Beverly Hills, please call 310-275-5325 or contact Nicolas A. Ravon DDS MSD for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist.

Benefits of KöR Teeth Bleaching

KoR Teeth Bleaching Bevery HillsTeeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure, and KöR Whitening is a teeth whitening system that continues to grow in popularity because it offers many benefits compared to other teeth bleaching systems, such as:

Many people are drawn to instant whitening you can get in an hour. But if you want to really whiten your teeth, it takes time. KöR Whitening can achieve much more whitening than one-hour treatments, with less sensitivity. KöR whitening can penetrate deeply into your teeth to remove stains other whiteners can’t remove, and your results can be made permanent.

How KöR Teeth Bleaching Works

Teeth stains are made of organic molecules that come from foods, beverages, and antibiotics. These compounds are embedded in the enamel of your teeth. Whiteners use a highly active form of oxygen—peroxide—to break down and remove these molecules.

KöR Whitening has three advantages over other whiteners. First, KöR Whitening has a proprietary formula for its whitener that helps the whitening molecules penetrate deeper into the tooth enamel to remove even more stains.

Second, KöR Whitening trays are designed differently than the trays of other whiteners. KöR Whitening trays fit snugly around your teeth. This protects the whitening compound from your saliva, so the whitener stays effective for longer. The tray also prevents whitener from leaking out and irritating your gums.

Finally, KöR bleaching includes compounds that prevent sensitivity due to whitening. Studies show that patients experience 10% of the sensitivity that they experience with other whiteners.

If you want to learn more about what sets KöR Whitening apart from other teeth bleaching approaches, please contact Dr. Nicolas Ravon for an appointment with a Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist.

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