Your Smile, Your Brand

Your smile speaks volumes about who you are before you even get a word out. If your pearly whites aren’t so pearly or white then you might find you have a harder time winning over clients than someone whose smile looks healthy and attractive. There are a few things that a smile conveys that are extremely important for your personal brand.

You Are Open and Inviting

A good smile can not only help facilitate conversation, but can also make whoever you are speaking with feel comfortable in the interaction. If you are trying to be warm and comforting to your clients, but are not smiling, you are doing it wrong! Smiling helps to facilitate a culture of openness and warmth. If you are in a position of power, but are not smiling often it can make the work culture seem too stuffy and formal. No one likes that!


A good smile can help make you feel good about yourself, and that confidence can help make people more confident in your brand. If you find that you are negotiating something with a business partner and you flash a confident smile, it can help defuse a tense situation and may even help end things in your favor.
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Improve That Tone

Smiling can even help in situations where you are not making face to face contact, such as speaking over the phone. Smiling changes the tone in your voice to one that is more pleasant and comforting.

Need a Smile Boost?

If you find that you are not so confident in your smile then you are in luck. We can safely help you get that pearly white smile you have been aiming for. We offer teeth whitening as well as porcelain veneers and dental implants for those that need a little extra help. Don’t wait on your smile makeover if you have any questions please call Ravon Knopf in Beverly Hills at (310) 275-5325 and schedule an appointment today.

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