calendarLast year, we got a glimpse of Practicon’s unusual art calendar. This year, the dental supply company is offering the calendar for sale, so if you’re interested in either art or dentistry, you may want to pick one up.

The calendar takes several iconic pieces of art and replaces the face of the subject with that of a Frasaco dental simulator mannequin. These mannequins are used to help dentists train by allowing them to work on a full set of teeth, without needing a patient. Although the mannequins are sold without eyes, these features are added in the form of stickers to give the mannequins a slightly more human appearance.

Selected Artworks

For making the calendar, the artists chose a dozen truly iconic pieces of art. Among the selections are Mona Lisa, American Gothic, A Bar at the Folies-Bergère, The Birth of Venus, and Rosie the Riveter. These works were chosen for their status as immediately recognizable visuals, which is essential for the effect.

What the Calendar Achieves

For the most part, the calendar is a fun and interesting flashback for any dentist who worked with these simulators during their college days.

However, they also serve the role of immediately striking us with how crucial the smile is in the appearance of these artworks. Mona Lisa is not the same at all without her smile, and the same can be said of A Bar at the Folies-Bergère, where the woman has lost her tired expression for an almost ecstatic one. And sometimes that ecstatic expression is appropriate, as in Rosie the Riveter or The Scream.

If you know a dentist who is looking for a calendar this year, or if you’re looking for a present to bring your dentist at your next visit, this could be a funny choice.

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