Since we’re in beachwear season, you might be more focused on your bikini body than on your teeth, but don’t neglect your smile. Even if you’re on the beach in a swimsuit, people are still going to be noticing your smile, which is why you should consider cosmetic dentistry.

Your Smile Is Always One of the First Things Noticed

Numerous studies have shown that it’s either the smile or the eyes that people notice first. It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about men looking at women or women looking at men, the smile is either the first or second thing noticed.

And if you’re wearing sunglasses against the bright beach glare, that increases the attention given to your smile.

Your Summer Tan Sets off Your Smile

Your smile always stands out because of its contrast with your lips, but if you’ve developed a nice summer tan, your smile is going to stand out even more. This will draw attention to a bright white smile, and let more discolored teeth harder to notice and easier to forget.

It also means that if your teeth are bright white you should make sure they look healthy and attractive. Consider addressing chips, cracking, or crookedness with porcelain veneers.

Your Teeth Glow in the Sunlight

Natural sunlight has a lot more UV rays than artificial light. When UV light hits your teeth, it makes them glow due to a property called fluorescence. Don’t believe us? Try smiling under a blacklight. You’ll see how much your teeth glow.

Remember, your teeth are glowing like that every time you smile outside. They may not seem quite as bright because of the bright sun, but the UV rays give them an extra “pop” that can draw attention to them. This can make a gap between your teeth stand out even more, which is why you might consider orthodontics.

It can also draw attention to fillings and other restorations that don’t fluoresce. Try smiling again under a blacklight, but this time pay attention to one of your tooth-colored fillings. It probably stands out, right? That difference in glow makes the filling stand out more when you’re smiling in sunlight than indoors.

Cosmetic Dentistry Helps No Matter the Season

One of the things that makes cosmetic dentistry a great value is that it offers benefits no matter the season. Whether you’re on the beach or in the boardroom, your smile will get you noticed.

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