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US Docs Trained Overseas Give Better Results–Dentists Might, Too

To the extent that you have a choice over the doctor you see at the hospital, you might do better to choose one who was trained overseas. That’s according to a large study of Medicare patients treated by doctors at hospitals around the country, which showed that foreign-trained doctors delivered slightly better results. Although the […]

Cleaning Implants with Ultrasonic Scaling Might Cause Inflammation

Because they look like natural teeth and function like natural teeth, it’s easy to think that they’re just like natural teeth. But they’re not, and, in at least one area, they may need different care from natural teeth. A new study is showing that using an ultrasonic scaler on a dental implant might actually contribute […]


FDA Denies Snus Claims for Safer Tobacco Label

Currently, all tobacco products are required to carry warning labels that describe the serious health risks related to their use. This includes both cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. Recently, Swedish Match attempted to use the Modified Risk Tobacco Product (MRTP) process to get these labels changed for eight different varieties of its , pre-portioned into small […]