Many people in Beverly Hills take a healthy lifestyle very seriously. It’s vitally important to look and feel your best when the cameras could be rolling at any time. Or you may be in demand for a public appearance, or have an important business meeting on the other coast or across the Pacific. No matter what, you have to be at peak condition on a daily basis.

And a vital part of that healthy lifestyle is maintaining your oral health.

Lifestyle Choices That Favor Oral Health

dreamstime_s_38877284If you are trying to maintain a healthy life, hopefully you are making healthy lifestyle choices, including maintaining a healthy body weight, keeping active, eating a healthy diet, and not smoking. The good news is that these lifestyle choices are good for your teeth, too.

Not only will maintaining a healthy body weight keep your heart healthy and keep you off the “Worst Celebrity Beach Bodies” page of the National Enquirer, it protects your oral health. Obesity has been correlated with poor oral health, including missing teeth and gum disease.

Eating a healthy diet can be good for your teeth (as long as it’s truly healthy–vegetarians need to eat a tooth-healthy diet) as well as  your body.

Smoking doesn’t just damage your skin, causing lots of wrinkles and dullness, it stains your teeth, harms your gums, and leads to tooth loss.

And even though exercise doesn’t have direct tooth benefits, you shouldn’t believe the recent hullabaloo about exercise being bad for teeth, which was mostly about energy drinks and carb consumption during workouts.

You Can’t Have One without the Other

Not only does oral health contribute directly to your overall health (as gum disease treatment protects your heart), but it seems that people who engage in a healthy lifestyle naturally do the things that preserve your teeth. People who don’t smoke also tend to brush more often, and those that pay attention to their diet are also more likely to make regular dental visits. That’s because most people understand the connection between a healthy smile and a healthy body.

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