It used to be there was really only one option for straightening your teeth, and although traditional braces worked well, they weren’t for everyone. Now at Ravon-Knopf, we’re happy to have a wide range of braces options for our Beverly Hills patients who demand teeth straightening with style.

The Right Braces for Your Cosmetic Goals

dreamstime_s_20485419In the past, braces were applied basically the same way for everyone: all your teeth were straightened. Now we’ve realized that’s just not necessary for everyone. In fact, most people just want their front teeth straightened so their smile will look straight and don’t need to mess with their larger back teeth that are fine where they are.

The side effect of this different approach is that your teeth can be straightened faster than before. We call it 6 Month Smiles because most people get their teeth straightened in six months, compared to the year or so that was typical for traditional braces.

The Right Braces for Your Life

Another problem people have with braces is the thought of having to put their life on hold while they get braces. Traditional braces come with diet restrictions, special care requirements, and, of course, they’re highly visible. This means that they may negatively impact practically every aspect of your life, from your diet to public appearances.

That’s where Invisalign comes in. These clear plastic aligners are removable for eating, cleaning, and any other reason you might want. Plus they’re practically invisible in most situations, so you can go on with your life without worrying about how your braces look.

The Right Braces for Your Style

There are many variations on the traditional brackets and wires today, so that you can choose the one that’s right for you. Clear braces, gold-plated braces, and even lingual braces–which go around the back of your teeth–are all available.

The Right Time for Braces?

With all of these exciting options available, there’s never been a better time to get your teeth straightened.

If you would like to learn more about these and other exciting orthodontic options, please call 310-275-5325 for an appointment with a Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist at Ravon Knopf.