As retailers are finishing packing away the Christmas decorations and rolling out the avalanche of hearts for Valentine’s Day, it creates a social crush that can lead to a wide variety of feelings, depending on who you are and where you are in your life. For people in a committed relationship, you might think about what to do for your beloved on the special day, and scrambling to get reservations for that hard-to-book restaurant. Or it may just make you glad that your beloved isn’t into all that pink hearts crap.

But if you are an unattached single, it’s hard to avoid thinking introspectively about your love life and wondering whether you’re doing something wrong. If you’re looking for someone, the odds are good that you will find them sooner or later, but it’s also true that a better smile might help make that sooner.

Smiles Matter to Both Men and Women

Lovely couple embracing each other at a city parkHow much does a smile matter to your love life? Well, in a survey by the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) 22% of people who didn’t like their smile said they felt a better smile would help their love life. That speaks to an individual’s confidence and their ability to approach a potential love. But what about when someone is judging a potential love? According to the survey, 77% of women felt that crooked teeth were more of a turn-off than a receding hairline.

But, of course, that’s a survey conducted by orthodontists, who have a vested interest in trying to play up the importance of a smile. Does anyone else really think a smile matters all that much in finding one’s true love?

Yeah, actually. When surveyed 5500 of its singles to find out how people chose someone to date, they found that for both men and women a smile is the most important factor they consider. A full 71% of women–nearly ¾–of women considered the smile of a potential partner. Although the proportion was less for men–58%–it’s still true that a smile is the number one thing they consider about a potential date.

This means that your odds of finding someone is significantly reduced if you’re looking for someone who doesn’t care about your smile, especially if you’re a man.

Get a Great Smile

There are many ways we can improve your smile by Valentine’s Day. Teeth whitening can give you a younger, healthier-looking smile. Porcelain veneers can help you remake your smile completely in just a few weeks.

And, of course, there are some procedures that take more time, but can give you great results, such as Invisalign. Not only will Invisalign give you a great smile to wow a potential love, the removable clear plastic aligners won’t get in the way of your love life in the meantime.

If you are tired of an unattractive smile always getting in the way of your love life, we can help. Please call 310-275-5325 today for an appointment with a Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist at Ravon Knopf.