Dental implants are a significant investment in time and money, so when we do it, we want to do it right. In some cases, that means using orthodontics to help you get ready for your dental implant procedure. Although this adds even more time and expense, there are three very good reasons why it might be worth it.

Making Space for Dental Implants

Before we can place dental implants, we need to make sure there’s enough space for them in your jaw. If a dental implant is placed in a crowded area, we won’t be able to put an attractive restoration on top of the implant. It would have to be too small wouldn’t look right.

But there are even more serious dangers related to placing implants in crowded areas: they can damage your teeth. Dental implants don’t normally damage neighboring teeth, but if they’re too close, they can damage the roots, causing your neighboring teeth to get infected and fail.

During the dental implant planning phase, we will consider the space and determine whether orthodontics will be necessary to make space for your implants.

Managing Bones and Gums

Another reason we might recommend orthodontics is to help ensure you have the healthiest possible bone and gum tissue around your dental implant. Bone and gum tissue grow best around your natural teeth, so if we want to cultivate them so they’ll properly shape around the dental implant, we might maneuver your natural teeth first.

Of course, it’s usually faster to just extract your natural tooth and use a bone graft to build up the site, but the results are much better when you utilize the body’s ability to heal around the natural teeth.

Avoiding Stress on the Implant

Stress related to bite force can cause your dental implants to fail. We might recommend orthodontics in order to ensure your bite is healthy and won’t put your implants at risk. This may also preserve your natural teeth, and might help treat or avoid other potential bite problems as well.

Long-Term Procedures for Long-Term Results

When it comes to orthodontics, the biggest objection many people have is that it takes time. But when we’re talking about dental implants, which can last twenty, thirty, forty years, or more, the investment of time is worth it to achieve optimal results. And the cost of dental implants is only worth it if they achieve the results you want, so it’s better to pay for orthodontics if necessary.

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