It’s never good to be complacent about any aspect of your healthcare, including your dentist. A lawsuit filed by a man against his dentist over a failure to warn about gum disease reminds us that if you have concerns about your oral health, it’s important to seek a second opinion.

An Allegation of Negligence

Fotolia_71289049_Subscription_Monthly_MJames Smith filed a lawsuit against his dentist on January 12, alleging that the dentist failed to uphold the profession’s standard of care when he didn’t inform Smith about the condition of his gums for more than twelve years. In his lawsuit, Smith, who visited the same dentist from 1980 to 2013, says the dentist first noticed gum disease in February 1999, but without any reference to a particular site. Then, Smith alleges, the dentist didn’t mention the condition of his gums until September 2012. Apparently, even this mention was not adequate because Smith alleges that he didn’t become fully aware of his gum disease until he had visited another dentist, where he was promptly diagnosed with serious gum disease.

The lawsuit claims that the man’s long-time dentist performed incomplete and inadequate exams and didn’t keep records of the progress of gum disease.

The man claims that his bone graft surgery and ongoing care are a direct result of the dentist’s negligence.

No News Is Not Necessarily Good News

Your dentist should always maintain a good open line of communication with you. Even if there’s nothing wrong with your teeth, your dentist should perform a thorough exam at every checkup, and should tell you about the state of your teeth and gums. You should feel fully informed about your oral health every time you leave the dentist’s office.

Take Responsibility for Your Own Teeth

We don’t know whether this man’s dentist really didn’t tell him about gum disease, or if the man just wasn’t paying attention. But we do know that this man didn’t take action when he should have. If you notice signs of gum disease, such as bleeding gums and loose teeth, you should talk to a dentist, whether that’s your current dentist or a second dentist or periodontist is up to you.

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