If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your smile, the odds are good that it’s not just one thing that makes you unhappy. In fact, it’s likely many different aspects of your smile that make you feel self-conscious when you smile. If you can’t point to one or a few different things that bother you specifically, you might want a smile makeover. 

A smile makeover is a custom combination of procedures that Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Dr. Nicolas Ravon selects personally to improve the appearance of your smile. He selects these procedures to achieve specific goals, which will be modified based on the needs of your smile and your personal goals for your smile. 

mature woman smiling, standing in her kitchenBrighten Your Smile

The color of your teeth is one of the most important aspects of an attractive smile. Bright, white teeth look healthy, youthful, and attractive. 

If tooth discoloration is your main complaint with your smile’s appearance, teeth whitening might be the best choice for improving this. However, if you have other complaints and concerns, you might consider the whitening power of porcelain veneers

Improve Symmetry

Symmetry is one of the fundamental characteristics of beauty, so if your smile lacks symmetry, we want to correct that. 

There are many things that could throw off the symmetry of your smile. Everything from a chipped tooth to crooked teeth to missing teeth can throw off the symmetry of your smile. Your symmetry might also be off because of a canted midline–where the midline of your smile doesn’t match the midline of your face. 

Because there are so many different factors that could throw off symmetry, there are also many ways to address problems with symmetry. Orthodontics might be the right choice for crooked teeth or a canted midline. Often veneers are a great choice for restoring symmetry because they give us precise control over the shape and size of your teeth. 

Eliminate Negative Space

Another major aspect of your smile’s attractiveness is a lack of negative space. Negative space is holes in your smile between teeth, lips, and gums, which looks black as it shows through into the darkness of your mouth. 

Many things can cause negative space. Most people think immediately of a missing tooth, and that will certainly create a lot of negative space. However, negative space can also appear when you have crooked or gapped teeth. It also shows at the base of your teeth if you have receding gums creating black triangles around your teeth. 

Dr. Ravon can eliminate negative space with dental implants that replace missing teeth and Invisalign to close gaps between teeth.Dr. Ravon can also use a gum graft to restore your natural gum height and close black triangles around your teeth. 

man in blue shirt, leaning against a building, smilingStraighten Teeth

In an attractive smile, your teeth will be lined up and straight. They will stand parallel to one another, just barely touching. Crooked teeth can create negative space between your teeth, disrupt symmetry, and upset the arc of your smile. 

Teeth straightening is usually one of the most important goals of your smile makeover. Dr. Ravon usually straightens teeth with Invisalign or porcelain veneers. 

Create a Pleasing Smile Arc

An attractive smile creates a subtle, slightly upturning arc of natural teeth. This is created by several curves that form a harmony, including your lips, your gums, and the cutting or incisal edges of your upper teeth. 

Sometimes we can create a pleasing smile arc simply by moving teeth with orthodontics. Other times, we want to reshape teeth, too. We can reshape teeth with veneers, or we can remove small amounts of tooth material to help your smile achieve and maintain a pleasing arc. 

Treat and Shape Gums

People and even cosmetic dentists often neglect the importance of your gums in making an attractive smile. However, having a healthy, balanced gum line is essential to your smile’s attractiveness. Dr. Ravon can contour your gums to achieve the optimal gum line and the right level of gum display when you smile. 

Dr. Ravon can also treat your gums if you have gum disease. This is important because unhealthy gums look red and inflamed. They may bleed spontaneously. A visibly unhealthy smile is unattractive, and that includes red, inflamed gums. Treating gums not only improves redness and bleeding, it protects your smile makeover results. Gum disease will mess up your smile arc, make teeth more likely to drift, and even lead to tooth loss. 

Treating gum disease is one of the most powerful tools for making your smile makeover succeed and last. 

Looking for a Smile Makeover in Beverly Hills?

Are you unhappy with many aspects of your smile? If so, then a smile makeover might be the perfect way for you to achieve a healthy, attractive smile that will give you confidence. To talk to Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Dr. Nicolas Ravon, please call (310) 275-5325 or request an appointment today.