Your face shape is one of the most important determiners of an attractive appearance. But to create an attractive appearance, your face and your smile have to have a good relationship.

Natural Smiles Don’t Correlate to Face Shape

Getting the best Smile for your faceAs with many aspects of beauty, having a face shape and smile that are proportionate is something not commonly found in nature. Studies have shown that a small number of people have tooth proportions that match their facial proportions, or even match their gender.

This is one of the subtle characteristics that can make the difference between someone who looks pretty but a little off, and someone who has star-quality beauty, a subtle characteristic that can often be hard to pinpoint.

Getting a Smile that Complements Your Face

When performing a smile makeover, we can reshape your teeth to help you achieve a more striking appearance.

For a small face, it’s common to feel that your teeth are just too large. Sometimes, though, it’s not the size of your teeth that’s actually the problem, but the shape–square teeth can seem larger and also convey a masculine appearance.

For an angular face with a squared-off jaw, square teeth can create an aggressive, masculine expression, which may be good for men, but not for women. Rounded teeth create a softer, friendlier smile.

For a face that is too round, lengthening the teeth can create a more slender face appearance, both physically and visually.

For thin faces, long narrow teeth can make your face look even longer, while broadening the teeth can give you a more proportional face.

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