First of all, let us congratulate the Los Angeles Dodgers on making the postseason this week with a victory on Wednesday night. However, we were disappointed to see that, among the shenanigans in the locker room after the game, outfielder Yasiel Puig took the opportunity to be a really bad role model and open beer bottles with his teeth.

A Star Player

This season, Puig has been important in helping elevate the Dodgers to first place in the Western Division, with an outstanding record of 91-68 (and the chance to rack up a few more wins against league-losers Colorado Rockies in their final series, but not enough to push them over 100 wins). He has been ranked as one of the best batters in MLB history, and many times his batting helped elevate the Dodgers over their foes. No doubt the Dodgers will be leaning heavily on his bat during the postseason.

And it’s not just at bat that he’s excelled. After dubious defensive play in his rookie season, Puig came back this year with much better defensive chops, and though some people feared he would be the Dodgers’ undoing, his on-field performance has really been exceptional.

How sad, then, that he couldn’t be a better role model in the locker room.

Teeth for a Lifetime

dreamstime_s_34184536Puig is young and he may not think about the effects of his youthful celebration on his pearly whites. However, using your teeth to open beer bottles is likely to damage your teeth. Fortunately, he wasn’t using his teeth to pry off the tops of bottles, but even anchoring the metal screw tops with your teeth can lead to significant wear, chipping, and cracking.

You have to remember that the teeth you have at age 22 are all you’re going to get. Treating them poorly can lead to an increased need for cosmetic dentistry or reconstructive dentistry. If you lose them, you may need dental implants, if you’re lucky enough to be a candidate.

As Puig continues to mature, we hope he will learn this lesson as well, and we won’t see a repeat of this behavior.

If your teeth are showing wear or damage because of this type of indiscretion, we can help. Please call 310-275-5325 for an appointment with a Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist at Ravon Knopf.