As a specialist in diseases and treatments of the gums and bones that support teeth, a periodontist has to meet certain qualifications regularly to maintain their certification. Dr. Ravon recently accomplished this, and retains his periodontist certification through 2021.

Periodontists begin their career with at least three extra years of training in the US, although Dr. Ravon has much more training than most dentists because he trained both in Europe and the US. To maintain his certification, Dr. Ravon had to complete 60 points of continuing education and pass a Self-Study Recertification Program from the American Board of Periodontology.

Periodontists Save Teeth

One of the reasons why most people see periodontists is to save their teeth. Gum disease is the most common cause of tooth loss, as bacteria infect the gums, separating the gums from the teeth and damaging the ligaments and bone that support teeth. Then the body responds to the critical infection with an escalated immune response that also damages the bones and ligaments.

Periodontists can perform surgical and nonsurgical treatments of the gums to stop the spread of gum disease, cleaning out the infected area and allowing the body to heal. This can take imminently threatened teeth and make them functional again. With continued maintenance, these teeth can then function for a lifetime, often at a fraction of the cost of an extraction and replacement with a dental implant.

Cosmetic Dentistry and Periodontists

Periodontists do more than just save teeth, they can help them look beautiful with specialized approaches to cosmetic dentistry. Dental implants benefit from placement by specialists, such as periodontists, whose training in the healing of bone and gum tissue can be invaluable. One of the critical challenges for achieving an attractive dental implant appearance is ensuring that gum tissue is maintained around the implant. Periodontists are in a unique position to understand and aid this process.

In fact, periodontists can help manage the appearance of gums around your natural teeth, too. Although many people focus on the appearance of their teeth, the appearance of your gums is also vital to your smile, and periodontists can help them stay healthy. If you experience receding gums, a periodontist can perform a gum graft procedure that restores them to a healthy, attractive position on your teeth.

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