New research shows that, in addition to their other benefits, dental implants are more cost-effective than their alternative dental bridges.

Assessing Initial Costs and Maintenance Costs

To determine the immediate and long-term costs for dental implants and dental bridges, this Swiss study looked at 22 people in need of single tooth replacement. They divided participants into two equal groups, one of which received a dental implant and one of which received a dental bridge. They found the survival rate for restorations were the same, about 95% at 5 and 90% at 10 years.

They then looked at the costs associated with both procedures and found that for the length of the study, patients paid less for dental implants than they did for dental bridges. This was even though some of the dental implant patients required bone grafts and/or soft tissue grafts. When they projected costs into the future, they found that no matter the timeframe, they found that dental implants were still less expensive.

Confirms Earlier Review

The current study confirms the results of a review of research published in March 2013. This review looked at 14 studies over the past 15 years comparing dental implants with other tooth replacement options. It found that dental implants and dental bridges were close to the same in cost, and, although dentures were initially less expensive, over the long run dental implants became comparable in cost.

Cost Is Only One Factor

When deciding which is the best tooth replacement option for you, don’t make the decision based on cost alone. Instead, consider many other factors, such as your aesthetic and functional goals, and the state of your jawbone, gums, and adjacent teeth.

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