Many Beverly Hills dental practices like to boast about their Celebrity Clients. They pose for photos with them and show them off whenever and wherever they get the chance.

At Ravon Knopf we see things differently.

Yes, at Ravon Knopf we have our own Celebrity Clientele. Chances are you’ve seen their smiles in movies, on television, and in magazines. But you’ll never find out who they are from us.

Why not?

Because at Ravon Knopf we value our Celebrity friends not just as Clients, we value them as people. We protect their privacy and we choose not to exploit their image. In fact, we even go so far as to make special arrangements and schedule special appointment times to help and protect them all the more.

So, will you ever see a Celebrity you recognize in our office? Perhaps. But you won’t see their photo on our website, or in our advertising, and you won’t ever hear anything about them from us.