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FDA Denies Snus Claims for Safer Tobacco Label

Currently, all tobacco products are required to carry warning labels that describe the serious health risks related to their use. This includes both cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. Recently, Swedish Match attempted to use the Modified Risk Tobacco Product (MRTP) process to get these labels changed for eight different varieties of its , pre-portioned into small […]

A New Understanding of Gum Disease

Although we understand a lot about , there are still a number of mysteries that we have had difficulty unraveling. For example, why do some people with relatively poor oral hygiene remain at the gingivitis stage of gum disease without having it ever evolve into periodontitis, while other people seem to suddenly vault into periodontitis […]

Dr. Ravon Wins Recertification as Beverly Hills Periodontist

As a specialist in diseases and treatments of the gums and bones that support teeth, a has to meet certain qualifications regularly to maintain their certification. Dr. Ravon recently accomplished this, and retains his periodontist certification through 2021. Periodontists begin their career with at least three extra years of training in the US, although Dr. […]

Why Are My Gums Growing over My Teeth?

Gum overgrowth, also known as gingival hyperplasia, can be a serious side effect of other conditions. Although at first it might not seem as bad to have your gums growing too much, it can actually be very dangerous to your teeth, as well as being unattractive and uncomfortable. Causes of Gum Overgrowth Gum overgrowth usually […]