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An Anti-Inflammatory Diet Can Reduce Gum Disease

Although is related to the level and types of oral bacteria that you have colonizing your gums, it’s also related to the , including a chronic immune response, called an inflammatory response. So it makes sense that in addition try trying to control the bacteria in your mouth, you might be able to moderate your […]

Gum Disease Treatment Can Lower Risk of Replacement Knee Infections

We frequently talk about how much oral bacteria can travel through the body to colonize other locations, but here’s a striking statistic to drive the point home: perhaps 13% of infections following knee replacement surgery are caused by oral bacteria. That’s right, your knee. Infected by bacteria from your mouth. Once you realize that, it’s […]

A New Understanding of Gum Disease

Although we understand a lot about , there are still a number of mysteries that we have had difficulty unraveling. For example, why do some people with relatively poor oral hygiene remain at the gingivitis stage of gum disease without having it ever evolve into periodontitis, while other people seem to suddenly vault into periodontitis […]

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How Flossing Helps in Preventing Gum Disease

Gum disease is a common dental problem among adults in the US. The simple act of flossing once a day is your best defense against the infection known as . Although flossing may feel unnecessary, it is in fact highly effective at stopping gum disease at its most common source: dental plaque. Flossing Removes Bacteria […]

Why Are My Gums Growing over My Teeth?

Gum overgrowth, also known as gingival hyperplasia, can be a serious side effect of other conditions. Although at first it might not seem as bad to have your gums growing too much, it can actually be very dangerous to your teeth, as well as being unattractive and uncomfortable. Causes of Gum Overgrowth Gum overgrowth usually […]