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When Porcelain Should Be Your Go-To Material

There are many options for dental materials. Even if you eliminate the metal amalgam fillings and metal crowns, you still have to choose between composite materials and porcelain when deciding on your treatments. Whether you’re looking to close a gap in your smile, fill a cavity, repair a chip, or perform other cosmetic reshaping of […]

Gum Graft Can Help Cover Dental Implants

One of the reasons why people choose is that they look very attractive–they’re essentially indistinguishable from natural teeth, but only when the root part of the implant is fully covered. Unfortunately, some people may experience around their dental implants, exposing the roots. When that happens, a can help restore the attractive appearance of your implants. […]

Are Metal-Free Dental Implants Radioactive?

When you are deciding between titanium and , you want to make sure you’re making the healthiest choice. If you are uncomfortable with the thought of metal implants or think you might have a , you might be considering ceramic implants instead, but you might be concerned if you read something saying these implants are […]