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Jasmine tea

Is “Healthy Tooth Tea” Really Healthy for Your Teeth?

If you wander through your local health foods store or Asian market, you’ll likely come across a section full of teas that claim to provide all kinds of health benefits. There are slimming teas, teas that offer clarity, healing, or caffeine-free energy, and, of course, there are teeth that are supposed to help your oral […]

Gum Disease Treatment Can Lower Risk of Replacement Knee Infections

We frequently talk about how much oral bacteria can travel through the body to colonize other locations, but here’s a striking statistic to drive the point home: perhaps 13% of infections following knee replacement surgery are caused by oral bacteria. That’s right, your knee. Infected by bacteria from your mouth. Once you realize that, it’s […]

Tooth Loss Doubles Risk of Death for Cardiovascular Disease Patients

We have long known about the associations between , but now a large, new review gives us our strongest, starkest statement on the link: tooth loss can almost double your risk of death. That’s from a new review of more than 15,000 coronary heart disease patients showing that the number of teeth was directly related […]

gum disease Alzheimer’s Disease

Does Gum Disease Lead to Alzheimer’s Disease?

We know that is linked to a wide range of health problems, but now researchers have proposed that gum disease might be one of the primary causes of Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers note that inflammation of the brain is a common feature of Alzheimer’s disease, and that oral bacteria contribute to inflammation throughout the body. Although […]