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Jasmine tea

Is “Healthy Tooth Tea” Really Healthy for Your Teeth?

If you wander through your local health foods store or Asian market, you’ll likely come across a section full of teas that claim to provide all kinds of health benefits. There are slimming teas, teas that offer clarity, healing, or caffeine-free energy, and, of course, there are teeth that are supposed to help your oral […]


FDA Denies Snus Claims for Safer Tobacco Label

Currently, all tobacco products are required to carry warning labels that describe the serious health risks related to their use. This includes both cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. Recently, Swedish Match attempted to use the Modified Risk Tobacco Product (MRTP) process to get these labels changed for eight different varieties of its , pre-portioned into small […]

An Anti-Inflammatory Diet Can Reduce Gum Disease

Although is related to the level and types of oral bacteria that you have colonizing your gums, it’s also related to the , including a chronic immune response, called an inflammatory response. So it makes sense that in addition try trying to control the bacteria in your mouth, you might be able to moderate your […]