Dental implants have so many benefits to recommend them that it’s no wonder they’re growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. After all, who wouldn’t want a replacement tooth that is just as attractive and just as functional as the natural tooth that was lost? But dental implants do have one drawback: they can take a long time to complete.

But sometimes dental implants can be completed in one visit: from placement of the dental implant to the final, permanent crown. And some people even say this is the better approach.

Potential Benefits of Finishing Dental Implants Faster

Fotolia_39844427_Subscription_Monthly_MProponents of placing dental implant restorations right away, what is called immediate loading, say that it offers many benefits for patients.

Of course, it’s best to have the final, aesthetic crown on your dental implant sooner, rather than having to wait for it. It gives you the attractive smile you’re looking for now, rather than making you wait and wear a temporary crown or denture in the meantime. This is good because short-term temporary dentures can be uncomfortable and unattractive.

Another potential benefit is that immediate loading helps dental implants do what they best: stimulate your jawbone. When the dental implant is put under force right away, it tells your body that the bone receiving pressure is important. It shouldn’t be removed, it should be strengthened.

Having your dental implant restoration sooner also helps preserve the soft tissue around your teeth. The little protrusions of gum material that rise up between teeth, called the papillae, can be hard to maintain. Some say that immediate loading of dental implants actually helps preserve the papillae.

Is It Right for You?

So, with all these benefits, why aren’t dental implants always done this way? Because there’s a tradeoff that can sometimes outweigh all the benefits.

While the right force can stimulate the bone to grow around dental implants, the wrong force can damage the bone around dental implants and cause them to fail. When dental implants are placed, we will determine whether they are in a good condition to handle the force of immediate loading and grow stronger, or if immediate loading would put them at risk.

The most important thing is making sure your dental implants succeed–an area where experience makes a difference. Once we do that, we can make up for any potential advantages missed by not loading dental implants right away.

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