Ravon Knopf is proud to announce that we are offering metal-free zirconia dental implants for our patients. Although titanium dental implants remain a good choice for most people, these metal-free dental implants are crucial for people with titanium allergies or concerns about metal sensitivity. Metal-free dental implants are also ideal for anyone seeking the absolute best cosmetic dentistry results.

Metal Allergies and Concerns

cerarootAs we’ve said before, titanium dental implants are safe and biocompatible for most people, but for some people there are problems. Some people are allergic to titanium. Testing of dental implant patients suggests that perhaps 0.6% of people (3 out of 500) might have titanium allergy, and for about half of those people it contributes to dental implant failure.

Other people may not be allergic to dental implants, but may be concerned about the presence of metal in their body. Some are concerned about corrosion of the titanium. In general, titanium is very resistant to corrosion, but it is nonetheless possible, especially under the influence of a galvanic circuit. In a galvanic circuit, two different metals are immersed in a fluid and exchange ions, creating an electric current, but also corroding both metals. If you have gold fillings, metal amalgam fillings, or other metals in your mouth, there is a risk for inducing corrosion in titanium dental implants.

Finally, people who believe in holistic health will be happy to know that, unlike titanium dental implants, zirconia dental implants don’t interfere with the movement of energy through the body’s meridians.

Aesthetic Benefits

One of the benefits of metal-free dental implants is that they look even more like your natural tooth. A titanium dental implant is grey, and this grey color can show through your gums, especially if your gums are thin. The metal-free zirconia dental implants are white like your natural teeth, so they don’t color your gums, giving you the most attractive appearance.

Metal-free zirconia dental implants are also friendlier to your gums. This makes it easier to maintain an attractive gum line around the dental implant.

As Strong, Successful, and Durable as Titanium

Finally, it’s worth noting that metal-free zirconia dental implants have as high a success rate as titanium dental implants, about 95%. They are capable of surviving the stresses of biting and chewing, and they tend to last longer than the studies that have been designed to look at them, with implants still in place and functioning five, seven years, and more after placement.

This is only the beginning of the benefits of these metal-free dental implants. Want to learn more and whether they might be right for you? Please call 310-275-5325 today for an appointment with a Beverly Hills implant dentist at Ravon Knopf.