With COVID-19 restrictions finally lifted in California, it’s a great time to get out, enjoy life again, and show off your pearly whites! For over a year, we’ve been able to hide our smiles behind masks, but now that it’s no longer required, you might feel apprehensive about showing your teeth again. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry can help.

Here are 9 signs you can benefit from cosmetic dentistry this summer.

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1. You Have Misaligned Teeth

One of the first signs you can benefit from cosmetic dentistry this summer is if your teeth are not perfectly straight. If they’re misaligned at all, an orthodontic treatment like Invisalign can help. Invisalign is a clear aligner system that slowly moves your teeth into a straight and well-aligned position. The best part of Invisalign treatment is that you can achieve your beautiful results without anyone knowing you’re wearing the aligners. They’re made of a thin, clear plastic that is nearly undetectable. This means you can straighten your teeth all summer long without anyone knowing it! By next summer, you will have a picture-perfect smile.

2. You Have Stained or Discolored Teeth

Another sign you can benefit from cosmetic dentistry this summer is if you have stained or discolored teeth. All the coffee and wine felt like a good idea during quarantine but now your smile aesthetics have to pay the price. Fortunately, a simple professional teeth whitening treatment can give your smile a quick boost in color and hide all the stains you’ve accumulated.

If you would prefer a more permanent solution to your stained teeth, porcelain veneers might be a better option. Veneers cover the front of your teeth and do not stain. They can not only change the color of your teeth, but also the shape and size. If achieving the perfect smile is your desire, porcelain veneers are the solution for you.

3. Your Teeth are Different Shapes and Sizes

When all your teeth have different shapes and sizes, it can make your overall smile look unattractive. With porcelain veneers and/or dental bonding, we can reshape and resize all your teeth to look symmetrical. Symmetry is thought to be one of the most important factors when it comes to determining beauty. By helping your teeth complement each other, you can achieve what is deemed as the perfect smile.

4. You’re Missing Teeth

Losing your natural teeth won’t just affect the appearance of your smile, but it can also make eating and speaking more difficult. Dr. Nicolas Ravon can replace your missing teeth with the best option on the market—dental implants. Dental implants go directly into your jaw bone just like natural teeth. The jaw bone then surrounds the implants to hold them securely in place. Dr. Ravon can attach dental crowns or bridges to the implants to replace your missing teeth. After the procedure, you can look forward to having a complete, functional, beautiful smile again. We can ensure your replacement teeth look completely natural and complement your overall appearance.

5. You Have a Gummy Smile

When you smile, do you see a lot of gum tissue instead of teeth? If your answer is yes, this means you have a gummy smile. Gummy smiles are a result of excess gum tissue and fortunately, this is an easy fix. Dr. Ravon can perform contouring on your gum line to reduce the gum tissue. If necessary, he can also provide you with veneers or bonding to help elongate your teeth.

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6. You Have Gapped Teeth

Another sign you could benefit from cosmetic dentistry this summer is if you have gapped teeth. Invisalign isn’t actually your only option for solving gaps. We can also use dental bonding or porcelain veneers to cover the gaps. These options deliver much quicker results and can address other issues as well.

7. You Have Chipped, Broken, or Worn Teeth

If you have worn, chipped, or broken teeth, these aren’t just issues that affect the appearance of your smile, they can also affect the health of your teeth. Dr. Ravon can use dental crowns, veneers, and bonding to help restore your teeth to full health, function, and strength.

8. Your Restorations Look Unnatural

If you received dental work from another dentist and it looks unnatural or just unattractive, our cosmetic dentist can help. Dr. Ravon can remove the old restorations and replace them with new ones that look more natural and aesthetic.

9. You’re Embarrassed By Your Smile

The last sign you can benefit from cosmetic dentistry this summer is if you feel embarrassed by your smile. If you’re not looking forward to maskless life again because it means you will have to show your teeth, this is a clear sign that you need cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry can help you feel confident in your smile through every laugh, bite, smile, and happy moment in your life.

Get Cosmetic Dentistry in Beverly Hills

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