If you have experienced receding gums and are considering a gum graft, there are many great reasons to get one and preserve your gum tissue. Here are five good ones.


Receding gums look unattractive.

They disrupt the harmony of your smile by throwing off the balance between gums and teeth. They create irregular contours of gum tissue that can make your smile look lopsided or crooked, even if your teeth are straight.

And they expose root tissue, which isn’t designed to be seen. Your roots aren’t covered with attractive, white enamel, they’re covered with a dull colored cementum, which is obviously different from the crown of the tooth.

Cover Your Roots

Covering your tooth roots isn’t just cosmetic, like dying your roots to keep from showing your gray. Cementum isn’t meant to be seen, and it isn’t meant to be exposed to the harsh elements in your mouth, either. Cementum is more vulnerable to decay than tooth enamel. Covering up your roots helps prevent root decay.

Preserve Your Bones

Your gums also protect your jawbone. When your gums recede, bacteria are able to penetrate deeper into your bone tissue, which is destroyed both by the bacteria and by the body’s response to bacteria.

Protect Your Teeth

Preventing root decay and preserving bone structure will have the ultimate effect of protecting your teeth. With more sturdy bone support, your teeth are protected against future bone loss, and they’re more stable and less likely to be dislodged by trauma or even normal wear. And root decay is notoriously hard to repair, and will usually lead to the loss of a tooth.

An Established Procedure

You may have seen advertisements for other alternatives to gum grafting, but these new procedures do not have an established track record.

Gum grafting is a procedure with decades of science to back up its effectiveness. In the hands of an experienced surgeon like Dr. Nicolas Ravon, gum grafting is an extremely reliable way to return beauty and health to your gums.

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